Parameters of "Generic supercapacitor model" is that of a single cell or the entire stack?

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Hi team,
I am currently working on a supercapacitor simulation and I ran into a confusion. My question is related to the parameters of the Generic Supercapacitor model under Simscape / Electrical / Specialized Power Systems / Sources.
My system is a Supercapacitor Stack, which means its a group of cells arranged in series and parallel. A single cell is 2.7V, 350F, whereas my Stack consists of 185 cells in series ( No parallel strings). Hence, the total capacitance of 185 cells in series is 2.05 Farads and system voltage is roughly 500V
Now, I am confused whether I should specify my capacitance as 350 Farads or 2.05 Farads? Are the parameters referring to entire stack parameters or only the individual cell parameter?
I have attached an image to make myself more clear.
Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance for your contributions! I love this Mathworks Community <3.
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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel 2022년 6월 27일
Hello Gokul,
the first three parameters are for the super capacitor as a whole (Total). It uses the number of series and parallel caps to more accurate calculate dynamics. You can see the equations in the help for that model if you want to dig deeper into that.

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