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Covert voice to binary?

Radwa 님이 질문을 제출함. 3 Feb 2015
최근 활동 Radwa 님이 편집함. 5 Feb 2015
I want to decrease the sampling point in record voice in .mov program and also I want to convert to binary vector or hexadecimal .
I use this fid = fopen('', 'r'); if fid == -1, error('Cannot open file'); end data = fread(fid, Inf, '*uint8') fclose(fid);
But I want to decrease sampling rate ( I have DSP toolbox ), and also I want It in binary format or hexa . and this order make loss in a lot of data datahex = sprintf('%02x', data)

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And your questionn is?
to convert record voice to hexadecimal vector

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Youssef Khmou 님의 답변 4 Feb 2015

see :
the value must be decimal and positive, or at least floor(value).

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Jan 님의 답변 4 Feb 2015

The question is not clear. What exactly is "voice"? Did you record it already and in which format is it saved? What kind of transformation are you thinking of? It is impossible to guess, what you want to do based on "voice" and "981ba682" only. So please take the chance to edit the question and insert more details.

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