How do I convert numbers of the form "12,109,987" stored in strings

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I need to work on numbers of the form "12,109,987" which are stored in strings so taht I can perform mathematical operations on it.
If I use str2num("12,109,987", it just gives three different numbers present on either side of commas [12 109 987] as output and it is difficult to work with them.
Thanks in advance.

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Ibrahim Mohammed Wajid
Ibrahim Mohammed Wajid 2022년 6월 19일
편집: Ibrahim Mohammed Wajid 2022년 6월 19일
you can use str2double function instead of str2num
str2double performs something similar to below operation if in case you need to implement yourself for different cases in future.
Refer this documentation for more info : str2double function
where s is your string.
[~,len] = size(s)
p = ""
for i = 1:len
if s(i)~= ','
p = p + s(i);
p = str2num(p); % p contains number from string as per your requirement
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Asma 2022년 6월 19일
Its working out.
Thanks for the detailed explanation.

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Simon Chan
Simon Chan 2022년 6월 19일
use function str2double instead of str2num





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