How to add Slider properties with in the app designer?

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Lavanya 2022년 6월 15일
댓글: Simon Chan 2022년 6월 15일
I have created GUI, in that i wanted to write conditions based on the Slider min & slider Max values. But I tried to create
'Position',[0.8 0.1 0.1 0.8],...
'BackgroundColor',[1 1 1],...
I am getting errors with. Can any one help me with this?


Simon Chan
Simon Chan 2022년 6월 15일
It uses Limits rather than Min, Max to define the limits.
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Simon Chan
Simon Chan 2022년 6월 15일
sliderLimit = get(h.slider,'Limits') if sliderValue < sliderLimit(2) ………………

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