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Are there any way to use another px4 firmware version instead of 1.10.2, because I am getting errors about Gazebo and trying to use Simulink with Gazebo.
Actually the real problem is why we limited to version because px4 is updating regularly. Can Dev team build structures suitable for stable versions?
Also can anyone make a Gazebo simulation with Simulink?

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Arun Mathamkode
Arun Mathamkode 2022년 6월 15일
The PX4 v1.10.2 is the supported PX4 version as of R2022a. The PX4 support package team will be considering the support for a more recent stable version in the coming releases. As you mentioned correctly, PX4 is updating regularly, but as you are aware MATLAB release is planned only twice a year. The PX4 support package team also needs to evaluate and validate the PX4 stable version with Simulink before supporting it officially, and I believe this is why the support is limited to a particular PX4 version as of now.
Now regarding the Gazebo issue with PX4 v1.10.2, I believe if you can discuss and provide more details on the errors you are getting with Gazebo, maybe the community can help you. You can also consider posting the errors you are facing with v1.10.2 with Gazebo in the PX4 forums as well.
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fatih ozkan
fatih ozkan 2022년 6월 21일
Thank you for your answer. Like you said, it would be better that developers of MATLAB can focus on stable releases so we can trust the software more when we are working on Px4.
Thanks for advice. I am still asking and trying to learn.

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