Plotting excel data in MATLAB

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Sunday Aloke
Sunday Aloke . 2022년 6월 9일
댓글: Sunday Aloke . 2022년 6월 11일
I have an excel file with multiple cells and sheets. In each sheet, I want to plot the date and the data on the last column of each sheet and the graphs will be in one plot. Please I need assistant.
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Sunday Aloke
Sunday Aloke 2022년 6월 11일
I having issues

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Mahmoud Ashraf
Mahmoud Ashraf 2022년 6월 9일
first what is the extension of the excel file .xlsx , .csv and so on to load the data form excel
each extension has its load function
xlsread('file name.xlsx');
after loading the data, now we plot it accoding to the syntx here
and use hold on to plot all graphs in a single figure


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