Modify Tabs in Editor (Matlab 2022a)

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Michal Szkup
Michal Szkup 2022년 6월 6일
댓글: Michal Szkup 2022년 11월 7일
I have just installed Matlab 2022a version. Compared to Matlab 2020a version the user interface has changed. I am wondering if some of the settings of new UI can be adjusted.
A few things I would like to change/modify:
  1. Add debugging tab (in Matlab 2020a there was debugging tab which had a couple of useful buttons such as clear all breakpoints).
  2. Add Run and time button in Run tab.
  3. Add highlighting of the code block that I am working on (in Matlab 2020a t was highlighted in yellow, this highlighting is gone)
And in general, I would like to adjust the size of these tabs.
I tried searching in preference options but could not find anything helpful. I only found a way to add/remove buttons from toolbar but that's not what I am looking for...
Edit: Apparently highlighting is gone (accordng to this question highlighting). That is substantial regression in terms of matlab editor functionality...
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Evan 2022년 11월 4일
yeah I just switched to 2022b and am really missing the debugging 'tab' (i remember it being an area of the editor tab). seems like they just plain removed it. The breakpoint page on the mathworks website doesn't even mention the old 'clear all breakpoints' button, instead recomends typing 'dbclear('all')' which is much less convenient.

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the cyclist
the cyclist 2022년 11월 5일
편집: the cyclist 2022년 11월 5일
The "Run and Time" and debugging features are now in a pull-down menu underneath the Run button in the Editor tab.
I didn't find it at first, and hated how it was implemented. But, now I find it very logical and I actually prefer it this way. (I don't think there is a preference option to change it back.)
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Michal Szkup
Michal Szkup 2022년 11월 7일
Thanks. It is good to know the features are there. Would have been better if it was left as it was but this will do.

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