Signal syntax and plotting

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sverre Kvist
sverre Kvist . 2022년 5월 29일
편집: Walter Roberson . 2022년 5월 30일
i need to plot the following signal
as i'm relatively new to MatLab. i've got no idea on how i'm supposed to write it.
i would like some help/assistance on how to do the aformentioned task and how to solve signal-plottying/syntax in general.
i've googeled a bit, but so far i've not been able to understand how to do it.
anny direct help or reference to resources on "how to" would be greately appreciated. thanks in advance.

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Mahmoud Ashraf
Mahmoud Ashraf 2022년 5월 29일
편집: Mahmoud Ashraf 님. 2022년 5월 29일
first you must understand the equation you need to solve, then know how to write it with the right syntax and finally plot the required results.
i think the V is the max value and its constant so i will define it as vaule
V_max=10; % max value of V is 10
then the value of t i suppose it value from 1 to 90 with step of 1
and easily we can write the equation
and plot t with vo
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sverre Kvist
sverre Kvist 2022년 5월 30일
To clarify V just stands for "Voltage" and the "t" is time.
alrighty. i'll try to implement something, seems so simple above, thanks :)
i'll update on how it goes.

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