Change the size of a log in simulink

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Gregory W
Gregory W . 2022년 5월 26일
답변: Sara Nadeau . 2022년 5월 31일
I have a signal output that goes to a ToWorkspace block in simulink. When I try to run the project I get the following error "This signal has an element size of 193 MB. The maximum element size for logging is 90 MB".
Is there anyway to remove the 90MB limit?
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stozaki 2022년 5월 27일
What is the mat file version set to? Does an error occur even if I set the mat file version to 7.3?
Gregory W
Gregory W 2022년 5월 27일
Good morning and thank you for the suggestion. I checked the variable settings and they were set to version 7 so I updated the preferences to 7.3. I then deleted the ToWorkspace block in Simulink and readded it but I am still getting the error. I also realized that I didnt paste the whole error message, it says "Unable to log the input of block (..the ToWoskapce block name)...This signal has an element size of 193 MB. The maximum element size for logging is 90 MB"
Maybe it has something to do with the signal connection between the two blocks?

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Paul 2022년 5월 27일
Double click the ToWorkspace block and increase the Decimation parameter.
If you really need all of the data, maybe something more exotic like sending the data to one ToWorkspace for the initial portion of the simulation and to a different ToWorkspace for the final portion of the simulation.
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Paul 2022년 5월 27일
That sounds odd, I guess I don't understand what that error message means.
This doc page may be of interest.
Gregory W
Gregory W 2022년 5월 27일
I thought it was going to work too and was surprised when it didn't. I do appreciate the help and I'll take a look at the doc page.

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Sara Nadeau
Sara Nadeau 2022년 5월 31일
Does it make sense to you that each sample you log with the To Workspace block is that big? Is there a way to refactor your model to log that data in smaller pieces?
I believe that this limitation is on the size of each data point you log, so it makes sense that decimation (logging fewer data points) doesn't help. I suspect that the same limitation applies regardless of how you log the data, so logging to file likely isn't a solution either.


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