How to input angular velocity in Simscape Driveline except from using the ideal angular velocity source?

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As I only want to input the angular velocity at first second of the simulation, using the ideal angular veloicty source will causes the angular veloicty input to be maintained throughout the end of the simulation. Does anyone knows is there any blocks/alternative to solve my problem?

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller 2022년 5월 22일
For any Simscape components that include rotational inertia, you can specify the initial angular velocity under "Initial Targets"/"Rotational Velocity". This will specify the initial rotational speed only at time = 0, and then the speed of that shaft will be influenced by the rest of your physical system.
Below is a screenshot from the "Inertia" block. Other blocks will also have this parameter.
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Pei Yee Lim
Pei Yee Lim 2022년 5월 24일
thank you so much for answering! By the way, is it possible to make the input to start at t=1 instead of t=0?

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