How do I take input through the editbox in GUI and then pass the data in a script(.m) file?

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I am developing a GUI where I will be taking inputs from the user and then use the input data in the code I have written earlier such that upon clicking the pushbutton my code should run and give output.
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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes 2022년 5월 16일
@Animesh Anand - are you using App Designer for your GUI? Does your function (from the code that you have written earlier) accept input parameters in the function signature? Please provide some details.
Animesh Anand
Animesh Anand 2022년 5월 16일
Above snap is a part of the code for which inputs are to be taken. For example: joint_plane_dip = User data
This is the GUI.
I am not using App Designer. i am going the basic way.

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes 2022년 5월 16일
@Animesh Anand - you will need to convert your code from a script (if that is what it is) to a function so that you define the correct input parameters that will be passed from your GUI to the function. For example, you will need to define the signature as
function estimateSupportForce(jointPlaneDip, slopFaceDip, slopeHeight, tensionCrackDepth, supportForceAngle, meanPhi)
and then call this function from the GUI and pass the parameters in the correct order. You can change these parameter names to match that in your code (i.e. jointPlaneDip is joint_plane_dip, etc.)

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