Integrate Simscape Driveline with Simscape Multibody

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Pei Yee Lim
Pei Yee Lim 2022년 5월 14일
답변: Steve Miller 2022년 5월 22일
i have developed a physical vehicle model in Simscape Multibody earlier. I have modelled the contact force between the wheels and road using sphere to plane force block. However, I would like to see that whether the results will be different if I modelled the tire using magic formula block. But, I could not figure out how to integrate the magic formula block from simscape driveline with simscape multibody. I understand that there is actually a Magic Formula block in simscpae multibody itself, but that one requires too many parameter input where i could not obtain the information. Thus, I wanted to try to use the magic formula block in Simscape Driveline. Hope someone could help me with this. Thanks a lot!


Steve Miller
Steve Miller 2022년 5월 22일
You can use the Translational Multibody Interface or the Rotational Multibody Interface to connect vehicle models in Simscape Driveline to Simscape Multibody. Below is a screenshot showing how you could connect a Simscape Multibody model to shipping demonstration model sdl_car.

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