datenum(ye​ar,month,d​ay,hr) that returns integer

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Chris Hooper
Chris Hooper 2022년 5월 13일
댓글: Chris Hooper 2022년 5월 14일

I need a datenum(year,month,day,hr) that returns an integer, where year, month, day, and hr are vectors of integers.
motivation: I am trying to do this for fast lookup of many dates in a large table, where each row contains data for an hourly sample. Therefor the output of datnum will become the indices of a sparse matrix containing the row indices of the original table of data.

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dpb 2022년 5월 13일
Wrong approach.
Instead, convert the table to a timetable; there are direct, builtin functions to return by rowtimes either individual records or those matching a time span, etc., ...
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Chris Hooper
Chris Hooper 2022년 5월 14일
awesome thanks!

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