repeat an array (a signal) over a specific period

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David De Querol
David De Querol 2022년 5월 12일
댓글: David De Querol 2022년 5월 13일
Dear community,
I have the following values:
  • phi_card is an array 20001x1 double
  • phi is 1x100 double, that starts on -3.14 and ends on +3.14.
which can be shown in the following screenshot image:
The goal is to extend the (red) signal as long as the (blue) signal. My first guess is to do a for loop as follows:
for i=1:length(phi_card)
but then my low skills of programming in matlab gets me struggle how to continue. How would you do it? Can you help me?
Thank you,

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang 2022년 5월 12일
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David De Querol
David De Querol 2022년 5월 13일
changed the factor to 2000, as the array phi_card is actually 200001x1, but yes, you solved it pretty simple. Thank you :)

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