Discrete Transfer Function Truncating Signal?

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Joe Byrne
Joe Byrne 2022년 5월 12일
답변: Paul 2022년 5월 12일
I've encountered a seemingly impassable issue with Discrete Transfer Functions in Simulink. There seems to be a technical issue with my Discrete Transfer Function for my inverse controller block. The signal before the block is of length tout but the length of its output is always 67 without fail. This means that in the realistic system when the length of the signal should be ~2000 (simulated 20s), it's actually 67 and this is catastrophic for my functionality.
Some other useful information:
- T_s = 0.3 and all discrete blocks have 'T_s' set as sampling period
- I have split my task into experimental (EXP) and post-processing (PST)
- I have not changed anything within the subsystem for the realistic plant
- The errors in the blocks are resolved when I run my IFT program
Any help would be greatly appreciated,


Paul 2022년 5월 12일
If the sample time of the DTF block is 0.3, and the simulation runs for 20.1 - 20.39999999 seconds, there should be 20.1/0.3 = 67 samples of output from the block, regardless of the sample time of the signal that is input to the block. Is that consistent with what is being observed?

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