Pre-trained network on the raspberry pi

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Joenam Coutinho
Joenam Coutinho 2022년 5월 11일
편집: jibrahim 2022년 5월 12일
Hello everyone,
I would like to train a Deep Learning Network in Matlab to recognize coughs from a background sound. Then I want to use this network on a Raspberry Pi 4B. I don't care if it runs on the Raspberry as a Matlab executable or in an other language like python.
I want the pi to work in such a way that:
  • Starts recording a 10 sec audio clip using a Python script and saves it on the pi.
  • Then the clip is cut into a 1 second clips and its mel-spectrogram images are formed saved on the pi
  • Then using MATLAB the pi takes the sample and uses a pre-trained network for classification and outputs the result.
I wan to know if it can all be done independently. I have a modivius( intel neural stick 2 for hardware accceleration used for Deep learning)
I also trained a network on my laptop, but only use it for classification on that same laptop after.
I am a little confused now, what I have to include in the code running on the Raspberry. I want to used the trained network, so probably not the train-functions?
How and where exactly is the trained network stored and how do I get access to it? Could I also use the in matlab trained network in Python?
Would be great if someone can help me.


jibrahim 2022년 5월 11일
편집: jibrahim 2022년 5월 12일
Hi Joenam,
This example might be helpful to you:

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