Weird bug regarding UIpanel visibility

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nathan blanc
nathan blanc 2022년 4월 25일
답변: Andreas Goser 2022년 5월 11일
I am encountering a weird bug regarding a UIpanel disappearing off the face of the earth.
the bug occurs in matlab 2022a but not in 2021b, although the application is the same one.
It occurs after I change the parent of the UIPanel from a tab in my application to a uifigure. afterwards the panel is invisible no matter what I do, even if I change the parent back to the original tab.
  • the properties "Visible" and "Enable" are both set to "On".
  • the position is correctly defined
  • if I copy the panel (a=p.copy), and then set the copy's parent to be the same figure, the copy is not invisible.
would be thankfull for any assistance

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser 2022년 5월 11일
This issue was brought to attention of Technical Support by two users and confirmed as a bug. I recommend checking out the R2022b PreRelease that is soon to come out.

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Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly 2022년 4월 25일
I made the following app in R2022a (see attached). I could not replicate the problem. There could have been a possible issue with position, but you said that you correctly defined the position. Did you place the uipanel on a uifigure in another window?
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nathan blanc
nathan blanc 2022년 4월 26일
편집: nathan blanc 2022년 4월 26일
Thanks again kevin. Your description is largley accurate, although it is not always exactly like that. (see in the video, it sometimes behaves as you described and sometimes differently.)
regarding your question, A component created in the sandbox and moved to the system should be identical in every aspect to a component created directly in the system. I cannot be a hundrend percent sure that this is indeed the case but i did go over all the uipanel properties (including the hidden ones) and compare. I couldnt find a single difference.

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