Open a masked subsystem (look under mask) in command line

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langrg 2022년 4월 20일
댓글: langrg 2022년 4월 21일
Does anyone know how to open a masked Simulink subsystem from Matlab? I mean, what is the command line equivalent to "look under mask"?
I have tried "open_system(gcb)" but it opens the mask dialog box...

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang 2022년 4월 21일
open_system(blk,'force') looks under the mask of a masked block or subsystem. It opens the dialog box of the block under the mask or opens amasked subsystems in a new Simulink Editor tab. This is equivalent to the Look Under Mask menu item. Before opening a specific subsystem or block, load the model or library containing it. Otherwise Simulink returns an error.

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