Matlab & Cygwin X-windows terminates abruptly, Firefox and Outlook do not

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FM . 2022년 4월 20일
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I'm executing many-day Matlab jobs on Windows10. On two successive occassions, when the job has run for about a day, I found that the Matlab process and my Cygwin Xterm and Gvim processes are gone. Firefox and Outlook 2013 are still running.
I look at the Matlab log file (i.e., its "diary") and found typical output, suddenly end in the middle of a text line, indicating a highly abnormal interruption. The abruptness of the interruption is reinforced by the fact that my Matlab code creates an "onCleanup" object that flushes the diary when it is destroyed, and it is clear that the object didn't even get a chance to be destroyed.
Since the Cygwin X-Windows clients are also gone, it is possible that problem is not Matlab-specific. The Cygwin processes that also terminated are unrelated to the Matlab process.
Are there any measures that I can take in Matlab to identify the cause of these terminations?
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FM 2022년 4월 20일
The culprit is likely to be Windows update and reboot (see SuperUser for a description of how the Event Viewer revealed this). It is essentially malware behaviour built right into the OS, as described here and here. Disabling reboots is not a great solution. You really need to be able to postpone the reboot for a user-chosen duration, after which you get prompted again. Supposedly, Windows 7 had this, but for Windows 10, it was deemed better to simply clobber people's work (long running work, if the reboot "cleverly" takes place outside of "office hours"). The better solution is to enable advanced warning of a pending reboot, as describe here. Yes, it is a sorely lacking alternative to a real solution, but it's the best available for Windows 10, and I appreciate the commentor for it.

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