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.csv file data extraction

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michael 11 Jan 2015
답변: Umakant 13 Jan 2015
I have a database of experiment .csv files and the data of interest does not start until row 49 and continues down each column for n rows (stops when data collection was ended). I would like to read the file and create an array for each column, then plot the results individually. Note: column A is a timestamp and subsequent columns are recorded data ex: Temperature. Any help would be appreciated, I am a rookie at this Matlab game.

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per isakson
per isakson 11 Jan 2015
textscan, Read formatted data from text file or string is one possibility. In recent Matlab release, textscan has a new feature to parse timestamp.

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Umakant 13 Jan 2015
You can read the data and store it in a table. Please refer to the following link for information on using the ‘readtable’ function:
The data is stored columnwise as desired. We can access the table to do further computations. Please refer to the following link for more information on accessing data in a table:

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