How to arrange editor, command window, command history from right to left, not top to bottom

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I accidentally messed up my layout, which was: editor on the left (workspace on left as well, below editor), command window in middle, history on right. I managed to get all three again, but they are arranged from top to bottom. How do I fix this?

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David Raveh
David Raveh 2022년 4월 8일
I figured it out. The solution is to select the blue where it says "editor" and slide the window to the left-most part of the screen. An outline of a blue square shows up and indicates where the window will end up.

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Jacky Tsai
Jacky Tsai 2022년 4월 8일
In addition to manually dragging the container's title bar to another location, restoring the layout to "Default" is also one quick way.


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