Error ' Index in position 2 exceeds array bounds'.how to correct this.

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When run it, shows
"Index in position 2 exceeds array bounds. Index
must not exceed 2.
Error in practice (line 20)
while(abs(a(k)-a(k-1))>=0.01) && abs(b(k)-b(k-1))>=0.01 && rms(abs(A(:,k)-A(:,k-1)))>=0.01"
Please help to correct this?

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes 2022년 4월 6일
편집: Geoff Hayes 2022년 4월 6일
@susan sara - in your while loop conditions
while(abs(a(k)-a(k-1))>=0.01) && abs(b(k)-b(k-1))>=0.01 && rms(abs(A(:,k)-A(:,k-1)))>=0.01
you have
. At the end of the loop you do
. I don't see anywhere in the code where you update A for k+1 and so I suspect the error message is originating when indexing into A on the second iteration of the loop when k is 3. You may want to review this code
for j=x(1):1:x(length(i))
for j=y(1):1:y(length(i))
for j=z(1):1:z(length(i))
Is the above correct? Is there a missing end for the first for loop?

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