how to use electrical an mechanical subsystem together? Multiple Solver Configuration blocks connected to Physical Network. I am getting this error please help

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Actuall i am working on simulation of exoskelton i have desigined the mechanical system and now i want it integrate electrical motor in my simulation. In order to do that i need saperate solver configuration block for my electical system. i already have one solver configuration block block for my mechancal system. so whenever i am trying to run the simulation it is showing the error:
Multiple Solver Configuration blocks connected to Physical Network. Each physical network must be connected to exactly one Solver Configuration block.
I am attaching the image of my block diagram. So please help me overcoming this problem thank you.


Steve Miller
Steve Miller 2022년 4월 1일
The diagnostic is trying to tell you that you have more than one Solver Configuration block connected to the same physical network. You only need one of these Solver Configuration blocks per physical network, not one per domain. You can delete either one and the simulation should run fine. Note that schematics connected by the purple Physical Signal lines are considered the same network, as those variables are solved simultaneously by the solver.
If you have unique settings in those blocks, you need to separate the Simscape networks using Simulink signals.

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