Error in Embedded Coder's SPI Receive Block (TI C2000 / C28x3x)

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Hi everybody, I'd like to set up an SPI connection between a TI DSP (TMS320-F28335PGFA) and an external flash memory (AMIC A25L032-F). But everytime I try to compile the "C280x/C2833x SPI Revieve" block I get the two following errors:
1) Error in 'myTarget/Read/SPI Receive': Initialization commands cannot be evaluated.
2) For S-function 'c280xspi_rx', the number of defined parameters, 7, does not match the number of parameters on the dialog of 'myTarget/Read/SPI Receive', 6. These two values must be identical.
Could someone please tell me how to get rid of them?! The input mask of the SPI RCV block has 6 parameters indeed. In my version of the block there is no such parameter 'initialOutput' as I have seen it in the help's screenshot of the block.
The development environment I am using is: MATLAB Version 7.12 (R2011a) Simulink Version 7.7 (R2011a) Embedded Coder Version 6.0 (R2011a) Fixed-Point Toolbox Version 3.3 (R2011a) Gauges Blockset Version 2.0.5 (R2011a) Instrument Control Toolbox Version 2.12 (R2011a) MATLAB Coder Version 2.0 (R2011a) MATLAB Compiler Version 4.15 (R2011a) Simulink Coder Version 8.0 (R2011a) Stateflow Version 7.7 (R2011a) Vehicle Network Toolbox Version 1.4 (R2011a) + TI Code Composer Studio v3.3 + Spectrum Digital XDS510LC USB emulator + Windows 7 x64
Many thanks in advance and best regards, Klaas


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