HDL coder error (Invalid feature 'ModelAdvi​sorGenerat​eNewStyleV​iewSwitchI​nGUI)

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taehyung kim
taehyung kim . 2022년 3월 28일
댓글: taehyung kim . 2022년 3월 29일
Hi I am currently doing a zedboard project and following the procedure of zynq_book_tutorials. Now I'm doing exercise 4B which is creating IP in MathWorks HDL coder. So I open the lms.slx file(a simulink model which implements and LMS noise cancellation process.) and then right click lms subsystem HDL Code->HDL Workflow Advisor. And then when I click Set Target->Set Target Device and synthesis tool, I get this error "Invalid feature 'ModelAdvisorGenerateNewStyleViewSwitchInGUI'. "
What is the problem and how do I solve it?
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taehyung kim
taehyung kim 2022년 3월 29일
I mistakenly deleted "sl_proxy" file and i cannot find it in trash. How do i restore it?

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali 2022년 3월 29일
We are unable to reproduce this issue. Please contact local technical support for additional guidance.


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