How to use the LTE module in a ns-3 and Matlab co-simulation ?

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lahlou laaziz
lahlou laaziz 2022년 3월 23일
편집: Debadipto 2024년 2월 6일
I am working on a co-simulation between ns-3 and matlab and I am facing an issue with the LTE module with two methods: InstallEnbDevice and InstallUeDevices. When I applied the first method I got the following error: assert failed. cond= uid = m_information.size () && uid = 0.
and with the second one : Band is not wide enough to allocate 18625 CCs.
Can anyone help me?
I attached the file mexLTEHelper.cpp
Thank you!

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Debadipto 2024년 2월 6일
편집: Debadipto 2024년 2월 6일
The issue here seems to be originating from the ns-3 software. Hence, it would be best if you post the query on their support forum, which is a google group:
Having said that, I did find a thread related to your first query on their support group. Kindly do refer to it to check if it solves your issue:
Hope it helps!


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