intensity based retinal segmentation

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Ayubu Hassan Mbaga
Ayubu Hassan Mbaga 2022년 3월 21일
답변: Kumar Pallav 2022년 3월 24일
can anyone help me an idea or article regarding segmentation of retinal blood vessels image into three separate images 1. bacground image, 2.Artery image, 3.Vein image. meaning that each image must have one subject either background or vein or artery.


Kumar Pallav
Kumar Pallav 2022년 3월 24일
You can go through the follwoing documentation which describes the different ways to segment an image using Image segmenter App in MATLAB.
You can try out 'Threshold' or 'Graphcut' tools for your problem.
Also, you can use functions to segment the images. Please go through this documentation for function on image segmentation.
Hope it helps!

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