Integrating C code into MATLAB

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Jesvin Jose
Jesvin Jose . 2022년 3월 21일
답변: Kumar Pallav . 2022년 3월 23일
Hi all,
I am struggling to merge a c code into matlab I have tried many methods but nothing seems to works. I have attached a copy of the c code along with its header files (it is a Battery management system) which run of an can bus. There are three outputs which are readings of the voltage across cell, temperature and the Module.
Thank you in advance :)
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Jan 2022년 3월 21일
Yes, it is possible. The C code contains serveral function. It is not clear how they have to be called and what you want to export as output.

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Kumar Pallav
Kumar Pallav 2022년 3월 23일
You can use 'coder.ceval' to call C/C++ function from MATLAB code. Please refer examples mentioned in this documenation for details.
Hope this helps!


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