Any time I try to use the spline function previously running code gives the error message Attempt to execute SCRIPT spparms as a function: /Applicati​ons/MATLAB​_R2020a.ap​p/tool

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Even if I try to run the example code from the Matlab help file I get this error. This ran fine previously. Thanks for any help.
Attempt to execute SCRIPT spparms as a function:

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Kumar Pallav
Kumar Pallav 2022년 3월 24일
Hi,the error message may be due to following possible cause:
There is a user-defined function (.m file) that conflicts with a built-in MATLAB function.
For example, a user-defined function in a file named "spparms.m" would conflict with the built-in MATLAB function "spparms".
To resolve this issue, rename the user-defined function so it does not conflict with the built-in MATLAB function.
To determine the location of the function, open MATLAB and run the following command:
>> which -all <function name>%spparms
For more information about declaring functions, please see the following documentation:
Hope it helps!


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