Howto explore large collection of audio files with custom parameters display beside time and frequency domain graphs ?

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I'd like to explore large collection of audio files in simple manner (like pressing a keys for next/previous file and navigating folders).
On each file, I'd like to create display with time and frequency domain graphs and add some custom parameters (e.g. Zero crossing rate, Centroid).
If possible would also like to compare two or more files (to have more screens at the time).
Is there a framework, toolbox, contributed software that I could start from ?
Thanks in advance,


jibrahim 2022년 3월 17일
Hi Robert,
audioDatastore will help you manage a large number files.
The signal analyzer app will help you visualize files, and compute features. I believe defining custom features is supported.
The parameters you mention (zero-crossing, centroid) have existing functions that you might find useful:
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jibrahim 2022년 3월 21일
Check out signalAnalyzer. You can load multiple signals and visualize/compare them side-by-side.

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