How do I pre-process and process non-image data for Deeplearning?

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Mye'on Williams
Mye'on Williams 2022년 3월 15일
답변: Prateek Rai 2022년 3월 22일
I am trying to make predictions using deep learning and CNN on non-image data but running into difficulty processing csv file for training.
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yanqi liu
yanqi liu 2022년 3월 16일
yes,sir,may be upload your data file,use reshape to get 4-D input,and train cnn

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Prateek Rai
Prateek Rai 2022년 3월 22일
You can refer to "Signal Processing Applications" section of the following Preprocess Data for Domain-Specific Deep Learning Applications MathWorks Documentation page to know more about pre-processing non-image data for deep learning.

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