Combining many variables into one table

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erin wootton
erin wootton 2022년 3월 10일
댓글: Benjamin Thompson 2022년 3월 11일
I have 100 variables from simulink output all stored in a huge .mat file (after being collated from seperated .mat files). I just want a specific variable from each one in a table. The examples of making a table have a few variables in that you type the names manually to create the table.
T = table (results(1, 1).Collision1.signals.values, results(2, 1).Collision1.signals.values,results(3, 1).Collision1.signals.values, results(4, 1).Collision1.signals.values
I will have 300 so this isnt an option.
How can I get the specific variable out I want :
results(1, 1).Collision1.signals.values
results(2, 1).Collision1.signals.values
results(3, 1).Collision1.signals.values
results(99, 1).Collision1.signals.values
results(100, 1).Collision1.signals.values
and plot them all in one table?
(figure 1, variables from .mat resullts workspace)
Many thanks


Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson 2022년 3월 10일
You can use addvars in a for loop to successively add columns to a table. Note all table columns will need to have the same number of entries. I am guessing at variable names here but if you have further questions post sample data.
T = table();
for i = 1:N
T = addvars(T, results(i, 1).Collision1.signals.values,['results(' num2str(i) ', 1).Collision1.signals.values']);
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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson 2022년 3월 11일
Yes the OP is free to use some alternative variable naming scheme.

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Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins 2022년 3월 11일
In recent MATLAB version, there's Simulink.Simulation.Dataset called extractTimetable. Not sure if that's what you have, but it might help.




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