Active cell balancing of Li-ion Battery pack

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Garima Panwar
Garima Panwar 2022년 3월 10일
댓글: Abdulrahim Al-Hashim 2022년 9월 18일 19:12
Hi, I'm working on a project to design an active cell balancing model for Li-ion battery pack using a battery pack. I'm having trouble starting this project. Can somebody please give an idea about how should I proceed and how to design this model?
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Abdulrahim Al-Hashim
Abdulrahim Al-Hashim 2022년 9월 18일 19:12
Can you share your code ??

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel 2022년 6월 10일
To get started, it's important to have a background in using Simulink and Simscape, here is some free training to help with that part.
Starting with a passive balancing example is a good start, and then you can add the circuitry to implement whatever approach to active balancing that you want to use:


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