Raspberry Pi connection error in a different work station

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Abhijna 2014년 12월 11일
답변: Murat Belge 2014년 12월 22일
I have installed Raspberry pi B+ support packages in a different work station as it was throwing ' sdwriter.exe windows error ' error in my laptop (but software packages got installed properly).How can i connect raspberry pi B+ to my workstation now... i tried with h = raspberrypi('') & h.connect and got error : Error using realtime.internal.linuxservices/connect (line 59) SSH connection to host failed:

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Murat Belge
Murat Belge 2014년 12월 22일
I assume you chose direct connection option for network configuration. To connect to your Raspberry Pi using a different computer:
1. Connect an Ethernet cable between your host computer and the Raspberry Pi. 2. Power on your Raspberry Pi 3. Open Network and Sharing center and identify the network connection for Raspberry Pi. Click on the network connection (such as Local Areas Connection 11). This will open a window. On this window click "Properties". Choose "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)". Click on "Properties". On the window that opens check the Following options:
Obtain IP address automatically Obtain DNS server automatically
Click OK.
4. Wait about 1 minute and then ping your Raspberry Pi from the DOS command line:
> ping
This should return successful. Then connect to your Raspberry Pi from MATLAB.
Make sure that your network card on the laptop / workstation


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