Vector dimesions are different before encoding json and after decoding json

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CHV . 2022년 3월 3일
댓글: CHV . 2022년 3월 9일
Before encoding to json file the mat files are having vectors are as row vector. But after encoding (jsonencode) and decoding(jsondecode), the vectors are changed to column vectors in workspace. And I want the same dimensions after decoding also, how can I get that ?
b.c = 22;
a= jsonencode(b);
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CHV 2022년 3월 3일
편집: CHV 님. 2022년 3월 3일
Transpose is easy for few variables and above one I have shown is just one variable.But I am having lot of variables with different dimensions as structure array.After decoding I need same dimensions as before encoding.

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Ive J
Ive J 2022년 3월 3일
편집: Ive J 님. 2022년 3월 3일
How about this?
mystr.f1 = 1:4;
mystr.f2 = (1:4).';
js = jsonencode(mystr);
newstr = jsondecode(js)
newstr = struct with fields:
f1: [4×1 double] f2: [4×1 double]
fnames = fieldnames(mystr);
fnames = fnames(structfun(@isrow, mystr)); % field names to be changed
for i = 1:numel(fnames)
newstr.(fnames{i}) = newstr.(fnames{i}).';
newstr = struct with fields:
f1: [1 2 3 4] f2: [4×1 double]
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CHV 2022년 3월 9일
Thanks for the explanation and its worked.

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