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SolidWorks to SimMechanics Link

MAMADOU 님이 질문을 제출함. 10 Dec 2014
최근 활동 MAMADOU 님이 댓글을 추가함. 12 Dec 2014
Hello i am working on a mechanic projet and i use solidworks. Now i'd like to simulate the projet by using the SimMechanics Link and when i started the installation, the access is refused like you see on the picture. It is very important for to do it and i request your help... Please

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Sean de Wolski 님의 답변 10 Dec 2014
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Do you have write-permissions to that directory?
Try running MATLAB As an Admin (right-click on icon, run as admin)

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thanks a lot.. i had not thought about it because i define myself like admin.... thanks a lot again
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Hello everyone i am here again because i do not manage to find the extention (.xml) when i save the file... i have on my computer Matlab (r2014a) and solidworks 2014x64. Please

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