Search for a parameter in a mask programatically

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João Araújo
João Araújo 2022년 2월 28일
댓글: João Araújo 2022년 2월 28일
I am trying to search for parameters used in masks, as for example:
the issue is, I cannot seem to do this programatically. While in the ctrl+f in simulink it finds the parameter easily, It doesn't seem to work using find_system. Has anyone run into this issue?
Thanks in advance!

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stozaki 2022년 2월 28일
Try the following command:
ret = find_system (bdroot (gcs),'BlockType','SubSystem','MaskValueString','sensif_p_IMU_lat_sign')
Set the target parameter name in the last argument.
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João Araújo
João Araújo 2022년 2월 28일
It works! thank you very much!

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