Polyspace Metrics Server - Usage of Justifications

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Matthias 2014년 12월 8일
답변: Christian Bard 2014년 12월 17일
in our project we are using the Polyspace Metrics Server. If a new analysis ist uploaded to the server old justifications are used for the new analysis. I am curious which justifications are considered for the new analysis:
  1. Are all justifications of all previous jobs considered?
  2. Are only justifications of the last run considered?
  3. Are only justification of the previous Revision considered?
  4. Something else i did not think of yet.
The difference betwen 2. and 3. is that we changed our Version Control System and so a new analysis can have a smaller revision.
I did not find much documentation for the Metrics Server and could not figure out this myself.
Best Regards & Thanks in advance


Christian Bard
Christian Bard 2014년 12월 17일
Dear Matthias, Justification of the last run are considered

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