Contact force between bodies - simulink

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yovel atia
yovel atia 2022년 2월 20일
답변: Esha Chakraborty 2022년 2월 24일
Hello everyone,
I imported a model from SOLIDWORKS to SIMULINK.
The model contains - link, gripper, surface, cube.
The goal - that the link with the gripper will hold the cube and move it to another position on the surface.
The problem is that the gripper "crushes" the cube.
How can I move the cube well? I would love an explanation
Thank you

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Esha Chakraborty
Esha Chakraborty 2022년 2월 24일
Hi Yovel,
I understand that you have modelled a robotic arm and you want to establish a 'pick and place' operation using it but the gripper is colliding with the target object.
From the initial analysis, it is understood that the joint torque required to hold the robot at a specific configuration is not able to compensate the gravity. As a result, it is falling over the object and crushing it. You can implement the 'Gravity Torque' block from the Robotic Systems Toolbox and specify the Robot Configuration in its input. This will generate the joint torque values for every joint as the ouput, required to compensate the gravity.
You can refer to the documentation of the 'Gravity Torque' block here.
You can further implement these joint torque values in a Forward Dynamics block to establish the correct motion in the robotic arm.
You can refer to the documentation of a similar example here.


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