Determine amount of items in Dataset

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Cory Dinkle
Cory Dinkle 2022년 2월 18일
답변: Cory Dinkle 2022년 4월 21일
Hello, I am trying to write a simple script that removes all but the final "item" in a Dataset. Not sure if this would be called an element, so it's "item" in quotes. Attached is an image of a Dataset with 9+ of these items. When I try numel or size, I simply get "1". How do I find the number of items? Thanks in advance!

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Cory Dinkle
Cory Dinkle 2022년 4월 21일

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Esha Chakraborty
Esha Chakraborty 2022년 2월 21일
Hi Cory,
I understand that you are trying to find the number of elements in a dataset array, say A, and numel(A) returns 1. To find the number of elements, n, in the dataset array A, use prod(size(A)) or numel(A,':',':').
However, the MATLAB “table” data type is recommended to work with heterogenous data instead of the “dataset” data type.
You can refer to the documentation for “numel” here.
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Cory Dinkle
Cory Dinkle 2022년 2월 24일
편집: Cory Dinkle 2022년 2월 24일
Hello Esha, thank you for the response. I am working with very large Simulink files and the option of using a table instead of a dataset is not available. The datasets are the "out.xFinal" of a simulation.
Also, this returns a value of "1", not the number of items within the Dataset. Please test your answer in a test case for verification first. I would recommend creating a simple simulation and looking at "out.xFinal" to see what I am referring to.

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