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Nicholas Ilibasic
Nicholas Ilibasic . 2022년 2월 9일
답변: Yongjian Feng . 2022년 2월 10일
Does anyone know how and where to change the default formatting settings for Simulink Requirements editor? The default settings for both the "Description" and "Rationale" are Arial font size 10. I would like to change this to Calibri font size 11.
Changing these default settings would save a lot of time rather than having to manually reformat each individual requirement.

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Yongjian Feng
Yongjian Feng 2022년 2월 10일
Hello Nicholas,
Currently these two settings can't be controlled by the user. One alternative is to use copy and paste.
  1. You create a new requirement and set its font to Calibri font size 11.
  2. When you need to create a new one, copy the above one and paste. This preserves the font.




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