Set default background color for Simscape Mechanics explorer views

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Simscape Mechanics explorer shows views of your mechanism during simulation.
Right click on a view and you can change the Background color to whatever you want.
Is there a way to set the default color to save setting the background with every Matlab restart?

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller 2022년 2월 16일
I would really like that option, too, but for the moment there isn't a preference setting for that. What I have done is save a template Simscape Multibody model with the settings I like on the path. When I need a new model, I open the template model using the MATLAB command line, then save it under a new name.
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Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards 2022년 2월 21일
Thanks Steve for the template option.
I normally setup a 4 panel window for all my models and found setting the background color on the single panel before selecting 4 panels mantains the background color of the single panel (so less clicks!).
If possible, a feature enhancement request for the default colors would be great.
Thanks again.

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