Open multiple timetables within an array into one matrix

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Hello all, I am working on a filtering script for some CAN data I am collecting. Currently, my code takes data from multiple BLF files and stores the timetables from the blf files in an array. The files are all sequential meaning that Part zero starts at 0 seconds ends at 300 seconds, then part 1 starts at 300 and ends at 600 and so on. My question is how can I "expand" the timetables in the array to essenitally end up with one giant matrix. I've tried using m=matrixtm{:, :}; but that only opens one cell at a time, and I need all the cells open into one big matrix.

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David Hill
David Hill 2022년 2월 3일
A simple loop should do the trick.
for k=2:length(yourCell)
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Maksim Sorin
Maksim Sorin 2022년 2월 3일
Thank you so much! No idea why i was struggling to figure this one out so much.

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Turlough Hughes
Turlough Hughes 2022년 2월 3일
Let's call the cell array data, then you can vertically concatentate as follows:
oneBigTable = vertcat(data{:});
If you want it as a matrix:
M = oneBigTable{:,:};
Note, M doesn't include the time data. If you want to add that in then I suggest that you use posixtime.




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