3d and 4d plotting

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stamos dontas
stamos dontas . 2022년 1월 27일
댓글: stamos dontas . 2022년 1월 28일
Hello there,
I am having some data stored in column. To be more specific, i have 3 input data and one output data lets say:
a= rand(1000)
The input data values vary from -50-500 lets say. How can i plot them in one 3d contour in which each axis will be an intput and a heat map will be the output?(output values 0-1) without having to calculate the 3 variable function more preferably? Is there a way? If not is polyfitn the way to calculate the polyonym that finds the polyonym that lies behind this data set? In this case which is the way of plotting the same 3d contour?
Thank you so much

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Yongjian Feng
Yongjian Feng 2022년 1월 27일
Try this?
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stamos dontas
stamos dontas 2022년 1월 28일
well, my question is a bit different. I would like to know whether there is a way of graphing ths 3d input and 1d output without calculating the polyonym that leis behind. However if there is not and i need to define the function, lets call it f(a,b,c) how can i create a 3d contour with the above data?

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