Multiple switch distance based.

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Krzysztof Slezak
Krzysztof Slezak 2022년 1월 13일
답변: Ankit 2022년 1월 13일
Hello, I have a problem to create a distance based multiple switch. I wisch to create simulation which chose subsystems based on distance. For example when input >0 then one subsystem should be active and when input >500 second subsystem should be active, >1000 third subsystem etc. Only one subsystem should be active at the time.

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Ankit 2022년 1월 13일
@Krzysztof Slezak, there are many ways to do this.
One way is to use If Simulink block together with If Action Subsystem. Please find attached one such example.
In future try to search some examples online through google or may be MATLAB File Exchange.

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