hi. i have build a circuit at simulink. but how can i change the given frequency value?

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Daarshini Anbalagan
Daarshini Anbalagan 2022년 1월 8일
답변: Pratyush Roy 2022년 1월 11일
This is my circuit and I would like to remain the form of the circuit but i would like to change the value of the frequency? Is there a way that i could change the value of the frequency?


Pratyush Roy
Pratyush Roy 2022년 1월 11일
Hi Daarshini,
The rate is actually the reciprocal of the absolute value of the difference in the times (x-axis) between cursor number one and cursor number two. So to change the rate you can change the cursor values, either cursor number one or two or both.
For more information, please refer to this documentation link.
Hope this helps!

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