How to declare variable in App Designer

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Jakub Wojturski
Jakub Wojturski . 2022년 1월 7일
댓글: Jakub Wojturski . 2022년 1월 7일
Good morning.
1. I declare in App Designer the text variable A
properties (Access = private)
A = 'text'
2. When I push Button I call the variable A and display its value in Command Window
% Button pushed function: Button
function ButtonPushed(app, event)
text = app.A
In this way everything is okay.
But I can not deal with the problem, how to do that the value of variable A is not declared as a written text but it is taken as a value of EditField (Text)
% Callback function
function EditFieldValueChanged(app, event)
value = app.EditField.Value;
Thank you for your help.

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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami 2022년 1월 7일
Do you mean you want to set the value of A equal to the value of edit field ?
app.A = app.EditField.Value;
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Jakub Wojturski
Jakub Wojturski 2022년 1월 7일
Yes. I want to assign the value of the edit field to the variable A.

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