Simscape Block Parameter not Tunable

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Matthew Mishrikey
Matthew Mishrikey 2022년 1월 6일
댓글: Matthew Mishrikey 2022년 1월 13일
I wish to control a Simscape block parameter using the dashboard slider switch.
I select Temperature Source, but the slider switch does not recognize it as having a tunable parameter.
The only block I can link the switch to is the scope!
Are the dashboard elements not compatible with simscape ones?

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Pratyush Roy
Pratyush Roy 2022년 1월 11일
Hi Matthew,
Simscape run-time parameters are run-to-run tunable. Therefore, for Dashboard blocks linked to Simscape blocks, changing the dials during simulation does not affect the simulation results.
To use Dashboard blocks for run-to-run tuning of Simscape block parameters, we can designate the parameter as Run-time configurable, associate it with a workspace variable, and link the Dashboard block to the workspace variable. The link here might be helpful for more information.
Hope this helps!
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Matthew Mishrikey
Matthew Mishrikey 2022년 1월 13일
I went to matlab workspace and wrote
ambT = 273.15
Then I changed the Temperature parameter of the temperature source to ambT.
Then I tried to connect the slider switch to the temperature source, but it does not recognize the temp source to have tunable parameters.
Then I tried to change the simscape preferences to show the run-time parameter setting, and I changed the Temperature parameter of the source to be run-time.
Then when I connect the the slider switch to the source, it recognizes the connection. However if I try to toggle the slider switch, the connection breaks.

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