Plotting Impulse response of a system and I am stuck

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cikalekli 2022년 1월 2일
댓글: David Hill 2022년 1월 2일
Hi, while I am practising about plotting impulse signal here and I'm stuck:
and I wanted to plot this signal:
I have the following array:

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2022년 1월 2일
sympref('HeaviSideAtOrigin', 1);
u = @heaviside
u = function_handle with value:
syms t
h(t) = exp(-2*t) .* u(t-1);
fplot(h, [-5 5])
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David Hill
David Hill 2022년 1월 2일
It was clearly in the link, heaviside(0) is default 1/2. Inorder to change this to 1, the code above is used.

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