I like to save a cell array into text file

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Majid Vaghari
Majid Vaghari 2021년 12월 27일
댓글: dpb 2021년 12월 27일
Hello to all,
I have a big cell array and I like to save it into text file.
the cell array contains two columns and each colum contain name of an element for example 'Al'.
a row of the cell array is like: ['Al' 'Mg']
now I'd like to save all of rows into a text file and save it like AlMg no space between Al and Mg in the text file.
for example if in the cell array is :
Al Mg
Na k
Al Sc
in the text file:
I attached the Untitled.m file
if you run the program you will get the Binary which is my cell array and I like to save it into a text file like I said above.
Note that the Binary cell array is big array!
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Majid Vaghari
Majid Vaghari 2021년 12월 27일
I use MATLAB 2014b,
Please see the attachment.

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dpb 2021년 12월 27일
>> c={'Al','Mg';'Na','K'}
c =
2×2 cell array
{'Al'} {'Mg'}
{'Na'} {'K' }
>> join(c,'')
ans =
2×1 cell array
{'NaK' }
So, the solution to your problem is
>> writecell(join(c,''),'joined.txt')
See what we got...
>> type joined.txt
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dpb 2021년 12월 27일
Be better to put your follow-up comment as comment instead of Answer...
I would not expect any real difference in performance with the upgrade, just user convenience; it reverts to the same low-level io calls in the end, anyways.
You could see if it made any difference at all to do the concatenation first outside the loop, but I'd still expect that to be minimal. If your array is so big as to make the i/o time noticeable, then it must be quite sizable, indeed.
c=strcat(c(i,1),c(i,2)); % join cell array first
for i=1:size(c,1)
or, alternatively, forget about the join entirely...just a little more code in the output is why I didn't before, didn't figure the time factor would be an issue...

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Majid Vaghari
Majid Vaghari 2021년 12월 27일
Thanks for your answer.
I'll update my MATLAB. I have done your older solution version but it takes time for matlab to solve all the cells into one file. So, I was trying to find something faster. So, I think I should upgrade my MATLAB.




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